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StadiumGraphics. Ice-hockey.
Scoreboard or media cube for hockey is a software and hardware complex that includes a video board, a computer, software and connections between them. Scoreboard or media cube is a universal media surface for any sport, with any amount of information, any symbol height, any arrangement of display fields. Moreover, the screen can display video, pictures, text messages, which allows it to be used not only for sports events.

A personal computer with StadiumGraphics software acts as a device that forms an image of a sports scoreboard.

The venue, equipped with a modern system of ice-hockey timing, scoring and results, allows you to broadcast information in real time.

The automated system allows you to display adapted content on various surfaces, such as LED screens, projectors, televisions, IPTVs, social media channels. This allows you to create a broadcasting complex for the entire sports facility and create a uniform visual content.

The software module of the StadiumGraphics system or an external physical console (match controller) can be used for refereeing.

Additional devices required by the competition regulations, such as headlights, locker room timers, attack scoreboards, ball possession indicator can be connected to the switching unit of the system.

StadiumGraphics software renders an image of the scoreboard / media cube and sends it to the screen. At the same time, it allows you to both select a sport, and create your own image of a sports scoreboard and save it for later use. The display can display text messages, create static digital fields (for example, the «count» field) and various timers, display video images, create point indicators. During the competition, the program allows you to switch between modes. The operator can quickly launch videos, text and graphic information.
StadiumGraphics Хоккей


A single workstation for broadcasting, screen management and judging to optimize the number of employees and reduce the risk of double-entry errors.

Contextual broadcasting

Allows to create content adapted for screens, television broadcasting and broadcasting to social networks in parallel mode, without additional actions by the system operator.

Broadcast graphics (TV broadcast, social media broadcast)

Operating modes

Fill+key - Traditional broadcasting mode.

Pass-Through - Great for all-in-one mode and social media streaming.


The possibility to load data on the event and commands from external files (.csv, .xls), as well as to manually enter / correct data.

Dividing the operator's workplace with graphic design and the judge without logical separation of the system.

Display controls are divided into functional groups according to the regulations of the event:

Opening - static forms for displaying: venues, cities, championships, event names, team submissions, signatures of top officials, lineups, referees, hashtag for social networks, commentator / commentators.

Time - displaying the scores of teams, signatures of players, displaying statistics on a player, signatures of coaches and top officials, arbitrary signature, displaying match statistics (when conducting).

For each functional group, there are spare forms for displaying arbitrary information. Functional groups can be changed in accordance with the wishes of the conducting party.

Advertising surfaces

Advertising surfaces with a specified time of display / rotation of content can be embedded in display templates. The duration of the ad display is configured in the system parameters for flexibility in advertising contracts.
Graphics for venue's screens

Functional modes

Special reserved display modes will optimize display control.

Welcome screen – an image with a welcome message to the participants

Schedule – show the schedule for today

Weather Conditions – Enter data through a simple interface or get it from the judging system and simply click on the Weather Mode button

Time of Day – Display the time of day in a background of your choice with promotional or welcome information.

Countdown – choose an arbitrary countdown time and show viewers how much time is left before the event. There is no need to show the countdown all the time, it runs even if you show videos and occasionally switch to it

Kiss / Dance camera – allows you to entertain the audience during breaks

Built-in video mixer

Mixing of IP and SDI streams is supported.

Preview all SDI and up to six 1080P50 IP streams.

Support of complex rules for displaying content with overlaid graphic design.

Smooth transition between entrances.

Advertising surfaces

Advertising surfaces with a given display / rotation time of advertising content can be embedded in display templates.

Super screen

Free-standing screens can be combined into a uniform logical screen, compensating for differences in pitch / resolution and physical margins to form a seamless picture.


The physical screen can be divided into logical areas to display relevant content, such as highlighting a congratulation area, an information area, a list of athletes, etc.
Broadcast automation capabilities


For an event, it is possible to create a scenario according to which a sequence of actions will occur, animation according to an external signal.

Hybrid playlist

A hybrid playlist can contain playback elements of a video file, video stream or still image.

Duration settings for each element will allow you to set exactly how much you want to play this or that element.

AutoPlayList technology allows you to assemble a playlist by simply copying files to a folder - the system will automatically recognize the content and update the playlist

The ability to have multiple playlists with quick access will allow you to quickly and easily switch content depending on the context of the event, for example, by sport (ice-hockey, basketball, etc.), or by event, opening of the competition, rewarding, break.
All IP systems support

A single data transmission medium based on Ethernet technology throughout the facility / facilities without quality degradation.

Cost effective transition to a uniform environment.

Integration with various sources of video and data - consumer IP cameras, cameras

video surveillance, professional cameras and converters with NDI support.

Local / global HotKey support
Allows to reduce errors associated with the current active window when using the buttons for quick access to system functions.

The quick access buttons are customizable according to the needs of the system operator.

For intensive events with a large number of events / switches, the mode of sending graphics directly to the air is supported.

Animations and graphic forms are rendered using hardware acceleration, which allows the use of displaying graphics without the need for preliminary preparation / rendering.

«Dry» contact support
Allows you to link automated scripts to contact closure / opening.

Live broadcasts
Stream to social media without complicated setup
Sports titles
the information system automatically creates sports titles and overlays them on video content
show commercials and other prepared materials during breaks
display match score and other information over video content and on display automatically and simultaneously
show the schedule of matches
Additional functional images
Welcome screen
Time of day
Kiss / Dance camera
StadiumGraphics information system specifications
Supports H.264 / H.265 hardware video encoding / decoding
Supports PNG, JPEG image formats*
Up to 16 SDI / NDI inputs
Up to 16 HDMI / DP outputs **
Up to 64 IP streams
Up to 6 active (FastSwitch) 1080p50 H.264 IP streams
Support for video formats:
480i 59.94
576i 50
720p 23.98 / 24/25 / 29.97 / 30/50 / 59.94 / 60
1080i 50 / 59.94 / 60
1080p: 23.98 / 24/25 / 29.97 / 30/50 / 59.94 / 60
2160p: 50 / 59.94 / 60

The set of lights, which are mounted behind the ice-hockey gates is designed to signal the state of the game and the fact that a goal has been scored during ice-hockey competitions at indoor sports arenas.

The kit includes:

Judge buttons - 2 pcs.

Locking power cable set

Set of cables for connecting data lines

On board mount kit

Wall mount kit (optional)

Scoreboard in sports locker room.
Scoreboard is located in the locker rooms of hockey arenas and during the game serves as a countdown timer before the start of the half; outside the game it serves to display the current time. A built-in audible alarm alerts athletes when the game is approaching and when the break is over. The scoreboard is integrated with the general system of electronic refereeing and timing, it carries out the pre-start countdown and countdown until the end of the break between halves, which is signaled by sound notification. The board displays the time in 4-digit digital format: hours and minutes. The sound signal is built into the scoreboard case.

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